The Taito-bus


The Taito-bus, a touring handcraft consult, wellbeing and doing for the countryside.

The Taito-bus goal is to increase vitality and wellbeing of the North Karelian country side residents by handcraft means.

The services of the Taito bus include handcraft courses for all ages, after-school clubs for school children and weaving courses for villagers. Course activities can start when a nicely sized group of enthusiastic people is found. That can be as little as five participants. Local schools, cafés or other community houses make great course locations. Supplies and materials come with the bus. If you are interested, please contact the workers.

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Taitobussi Joensuun seutu and Keski-Karjala
phone 050 315 6957, taitobussi.joensuu(a)

Taitobussi Pielisen Karjala
phone 050 315 6953, lieksa(a)