Knitting and handcraft clubs


Making by oneself and spending time together are combined in handcraft clubs. Every meeting consists of a new organised theme where you can get advice on handcrafts. There is also new information on handcraft possibilities and techniques which is passed on.


The knitting club meets in Taitokeskus Joensuu last Tuesday of every month from 5.00pm to 8.00pm. First get together is 28.1.2020. The club fee is 12 €/each time. Material costs according to personal usage. Welcome! 


The Senior Handcraft club meets in terms of spending time together, drinking coffee and making handcrafts. Different themes, e.g. knitting, crocheting or jewellery making.

The club meets every Wednesday from 10am to 1pm. First get together is Wednesday 15.1.2020. The club fee is 12 €/each time + material costs. 

Craft Centre Joensuu | tel. 050 315 6946 |