Kässä –handcraft school


The teaching of Kässä-handcraft school is goal-directed to learning of handcraft skills for children and adolescents, in line with the basic education of arts. Different phases, from designing to making and assessing, are learned in the handcraft school by familiarising with handcraft techniques, traditions and materials. Kässä-handcraft school arranges handcraft and art basic education in line with the general course (500h). Later on, in vocational studies the education can be accredited.

The main content of the teaching is ‘making by oneself’, designing and making products. The goal is to learn to understand textile, object and environment culture, the differences in cultures and the basics of sustainable development. The handcraft skills slowly progress from success and growth. Kässä-handcraft school accepts children of 7 years old and older and usually the education lasts for approximately 6 years.

Craft Centre Joensuu | tel. 050 315 6946 | joensuu@taitopohjoiskarjala.fi