info2015 In the heart of downtown Joensuu, just around the corner from the market square, you’ll find an idyllic nook decorated in vibrant colors. The wooden houses of Taitokortteli are a refreshing blast from the past, and the house abundance og contemporary craftsmanship. The old wooden houses and their courtyards are home to a plethora of wonderful artisans’s shops, high-quality exhibitions and atmospheric events all year round.

A charming café serves up delicious pastries and salads and refreshing drinks. The entire area is alive with the joy of craftsmanship and Karelian hospitality. The beloved wooden quarter tells the true story of past merchants. You can still hear it in the gently creaking floors, the cobblestone yards, the clankity-clank of weaving looms and the exclamations of joy in the boutiques, exhibitions and events throughout the year. Taitokortteli entices visitors to return again and again.

Guided tours of Taitokortteli (Mon-Fri) 50 €/30 minutes and Saturdays 70 €/30 minutes, by reservation only. In addition to a guided tour, meals, and visits to exhibitions and shops, reserve at least one hour for shopping and individual exploration of Taitokortteli.