At Taitokortteli you can explore our diverse displays all year round. In our café area and all around the main building, you may find alternating exhibitions that display art and photography pieces as well as portray out North Karelian artisanal heritage. You may find out more by browsing below.


Upcoming displays



Tale of Anna Bamford in Anna's Chamber (24.3.2022-)



In our café Kauppaneuvoksen kahvila, Anna's Chamber, we have pictures of the family Mustonen. The display celebrates a book made about Anna Bamford, the daughter of kauppaneuvos Mustonen, released on 24 March 2022.

Annan Albumi - Kauppaneuvos Mustosen tyttären tarina tells the story of the family Mustonen from Anna's perspective. Author Sirpa Salopuisto from Joensuu has translated Anna's original memoirs written in english and swedish into finnish and completed it with photos from Anna's life.


Past displays in Taitokortteli


Through the eyes of a gyrfalcon - northern region in the claws of climate change (16.10-11.11.2023)


Ever wonder, what Lapland would look like in the coming decades, when it warms up 4 to 5 degrees in the next 50 years compared to the pre-industrial era? Through the eyes of gyrfalcon photographic exhibition brings us the bird's-eye view of how climate change will affect nature, livelihoods and the people living in the north.

Up in the North, climate change is already visible in the nature and everyday lives of people. Winters have become milder and freezing cold temperatures are experienced ever fewer. Environmental change is already so rapid, that in the span of a single human generation open hill mountains of Lapland revert to forests, clear watered lakes become cloudy and roach, perch and pike are found in traps instead of salmon.

Through the eyes of a gyrfalcon - northern region in the claws of climate change comprehensively collects the effects of climate change in Northern Norway and Lapland in Finland and Sweden. Impressive photographic art and scientific facts coalesce in this photographic exhibition.

The exhibition was put together by experts and researchers from Finland, Sweden and Norway. Advertising agency Laboratorio Uleåborg was in charge of producing the exhibition and the videos as well as for the technical implementation. The exhibition was created in cooperation with the Finnish Ministry of the Environment, and it was funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

So spread your wings like a gyrfalcon and see how climate change is impacting the north!

Virtual exhibition available here.

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