Taitokortteli – A unique tourist attraction where North Karelian craft and culture meet.


Taitokortteli is a culture center in the heart of Joensuu, a city block that provides local North Karelian arts and crafts in forms of exhibitions and products for visitors. Over the years, Taitokortteli has established itself as a central hub where travelers, locals, and craftsperson, professional and enthusiasts alike, can meet and share their passion. It offers a plethora of services, including lovely boutiques, an atmospheric café and various handicraft courses. Additionally, Taitokortteli hosts several events and exhibitions throughout the year. The cozy atmosphere of the old wooden buildings invites you to spend time in this culture block and experience a unique environment.

Welcome to Taitokortteli!




A brochure compiled of the rich history of Taitokortteli tells the story of a dream come true. In the brochure, you will find a comprehensive compendium for the history of the city of Joensuu, which provides you with background information of Taitokortteli and the buildings within it.

A Story of a Dream Come True


Taitokortteli Tours

We organize group tours in Taitokortteli on weekdays and on Saturdays. The tour costs 60€ on the weekdays and 90€ on Saturdays. Please contact us for arrangements.



Virtual Tour

With the 360° virtual tour, you can explore the facilities and boutiques of Taitokortteli without leaving your house. It enables you to navigate around the buildings with the help of your mouse and allows you to read about the spaces you visit. This virtual tour is a handy tool for those that live elsewhere but also getting to know the location in advance helps an upcoming shopping trip.

Virtual tour

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