Taito Bus – Touring Crafts Service

Taito Bus offers a customer-oriented service in the region of North Karelia. The Taito Bus increases the vitality of the North Karelian countryside and the wellbeing of the residents in the form of advancing the handicraft culture. This service enables community activities as well as handicraft guidance being in reach for those who live in rural areas far away from Taito Centres. 

At least 5 participants are required in order to arrange a course session, in which a Taito craft advisor will come and guide you. Our handicraft advisors can guide you in various areas such as knitting, crocheting, sewing, weaving etc. The place of the session can be organized to be somewhere in the village or even in your own house. Reach us and we will plan the most suitable session for you!

Taito Bus also organizes its own courses open for all in which you can decide to participate in. To get more information about these sessions please go to our Finnish language site or contact us. The prices of the sessions are the same as in our Taito Centres, and registration is made through contacting Taito Bus.


Taito Bus

Joensuu region and North-Karelia
Phone: +358 50 315 6957
taitobussi.joensuu (at) taitopohjoiskarjala.fi

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