Weaving and advisory


Different warps can be found at craft centre that anyone can weave if they wish so. You can find rugs, poppana table cloths and different décor items from our warp selection. The instructors of the centres advise and help in all things related to weaving. You don’t need previous experience. The instructors are present at opening times, but you can also come and weave during evenings and weekends.

Taito Pohjois-Karjala also produces an own woven collection. Made-to-order products are made and designed by the customer’s wishes. Further information on products from craft centre.

How to start weaving?

1. Choose a warp and design that you want to weave 2. Book a time 3. Have a chat about things related to ‘starting weaving’ with your instructor. 4. When you come and weave the instructor shows you around and advises you in the beginning 5. Consider colours and patterns, choose materials 6. Start weaving 7. Ask for advice whenever you need it 8. Enjoy doing! 9. Feel delighted of the result!

Craft Centre Joensuu | tel. 050 315 6946 | joensuu@taitopohjoiskarjala.fi